On weekends or holidays the place is very crowded, not only by pilgrims, but by San Juan citizens or tourists who make their traditional barbecue there. Many of them prefer to stay over night or even several days. There are dates in which the place meets in a single day more than 200,000

people, the place has been getting better as far as the places that it offers so that all the pilgrims can have different lodging options that adapt to the needs of each one.

Difunta Correa

Just a few meters from the Sanctuary, you will find the Hotel Terraza Difunta Correa. With a panoramic view of the Paraje, it has 22 rooms with the necessary comforts for the tourist to feel comfortable:

air conditioning, DirecTV, private bathroom, permanent security, covered garages and homemade breakfast.


A camping with capacity for 500 people will be the new attraction of the Difunta Correa site. It will have two pools and barbacue areas. Located at the south of the sanctuary, this 7-hectare site has already been completely

fenced and the trees growing there were kept. It is expected that it will be finished with 70 tables for 6 people each with their respective grills.



An array of 24-hour-open shops, where you can buy souvenirs, handicrafts and exquisite regional products.


The Site includes a variety of restaurants where you can enjoy typical meals. There is also a great amount of kiosks and shops that offer food to go.